Saturday, April 4, 2009

albert ayler - nuits de la fondation maeght 1970

the two albums that comprise this cd were originally issued in 1970 on shandar records (france).

this cd includes albert ayler's last recordings before he was found dead in the east river (new york city) in november, 1970.

recorded live at the foundation maeght, st. paul de vence, france, july 25 & 27, 1970.

this disc reissues two albums from '70, originally released on the french shandar label, and consists of perhaps the last music ayler ever recorded. nuits de la fondation maeght captures him, paradoxically, at his most uncompromisingly intense and his most accessible. whereas some '60s free playing was driven by anger, joy was at the heart of ayler's music. the madly catchy "holy family" features inspired, euphoric, limber r&b-accented playing over a grooving rhythm that's half-gospel, half-mutant mariachi. "spirits rejoice" features a panorama of gospel and traditional folk tunes (including "amazing grace") woven into an ebullient solo. fans of the man will need this, and it's also a good starting place for those needing an entry point to the ayler experience.

this cd reissue features two classic, late albert ayler albums, both originally released on the french shandar label, and recorded live in france at the fondation maeght in st. paul de vence (july 25th & 27th, 1970).

personnel: albert ayler (saxophone); mary maria (vocals); call cobbs (piano); steve tintweiss (bass), allen blairman (drums).

personnel: albert ayler (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); mary parks (vocals, soprano saxophone); call cobbs (piano); steve tintweiss (double bass); allen blairman (drums).

01 - in heart only (5:16)
02 - spirits (new ghosts) (15:05)
03 - holy family (11:44)
04 - spirits rejoice (7:26)
05 - truth is marching in (8:10)
06 - universal message (8:17)
07 - spiritual reunion (7:57)
08 - music is the healing force of the universe (10:00)

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  1. omg, thanks for this blog !!!! It's so hard to get All Of the Albert Ayler's recordings in the net, not to mention music shops. I was searching "Nuits de la fondation maeght" for ages. And finally... ahhh, you're just great. If you only have "My name is Albert Ayler" movie, post it some day.
    that's my lastfm profile.

  2. Oooops! the link is dead! Reupload possible? Thank you!!!