Tuesday, May 12, 2009

albert ayler group - new york ear and eye control

new york eye and ear control is an album of group improvisations recorded by an augmented version of albert ayler's group to provide the soundtrack for michael snow's film of the same name.

critics have compared it with the key free jazz recordings: ornette coleman's earlier free jazz and john coltrane's subsequent ascension. john litweiler regards it favourably in comparison because of its "free motion of tempo (often slow, usually fast); of ensemble density (players enter and depart at will); of linear movement". ekkehard jost places it in the same company and comments on "extraordinarily intensive give-and-take by the musicians" and "a breadth of variation and differentiation on all musical levels".

albert ayler - tenor saxophone
don cherry - trumpet
gary peacock - bass
sunny murray - drums
john tchicai - alto saxophone
roswell rudd - trombone

01 don's dawn (0:59)
02 ay (20:17)
03 itt (22:05)

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  1. ooo yeah ! do you have the cd "healing force: the songs of albert ayler" from 2006 ? i'd love to hear it