Monday, May 18, 2009

healing force - the songs of albert ayler

"through meditations, dreams, and visions, the players on this project were given the message to once again attempt to send the people of earth a message of love, peace, and spiritual understanding. we selected a representative set of tunes for this material and essentially let it play itself through us ... we hope you like this record." it doesn't feel like enough for these ears. once again, cuneiform has educated and once again they have rewarded followers with a superb free-jazz release that will hopefully pique interest in the legacy of albert ayler.

vinny golia - reeds
aurora josephson - voice
henry kaiser - guitar
mike keneally - piano, guitar and voice
joe morris - guitar and bass
damon smith - bass
weasel walter - drums

01 new new grass/message from albert (golia/morris/smith, ayler-parks) (3:21)
02 music is the healing force of the universe (ayler, m. m. parks) (20:09)
03 japan/universal indians (ayler, m. m. parks), (10:51)
04 a man is like a tree (ayler, m. m. parks) (5:21)
05 oh! love of life (ayler, m. m. parks (12:25)
06 thank god for women (ayler, m. m. parks) (5:37)
07 heart love (ayler, m. m. parks) (6:17)
08 new generation(ayler, m. m. parks (9:31)
09 new ghosts/new message (ayler-parks, golia/morris/smith) (5:20)

get the album part 1

get the album part 2


  1. hey, thanks man. you're doing really big thing right here. i do as you wrote, spreading the word and the sound by playing some ayler's pieces by myself, i must say i am really ayler's maniac, so i greatly appreciate your work here.

  2. hey, if you know any obscure variations on ayler music (for now only marc ribot comes to my mind and i will try to put it on the net asap), please let me know. :)


  3. yeah, Ribot's Saints is great.
    Here you have kinda tribute to Albert Ayler made by Peter Brotzmann group Die Like A Dog, it's very intensive.
    also, there are some Ayler's pieces in different albums by different musicians. - two versions of Ghosts. One by AALY Trio & Ken Vandermark and one by Lester Bowie. I'll look for some more this stuff and send it here.

    Enjoy !

    (have you got Ayler's Live At The Riviera ? post it here, please)

  4. hi there your second link is dead .. thanks for the nice blog!..ALBERT LIVES!!!