Monday, September 28, 2009

albert ayler - live at the riviera

albert ayler's beautiful 1970 set on his first day at the maeght foundation in france. liners include bass player steve tintweiss' comments on the performance. available commercially for the first time, and recorded during ayler's final concert series, this release shows ayler at "...the peak of his creative powers" and is a stunning testament to his genius and addition to his legacy. "one of the most advanced music minds on the planet" - wire magazine, nov 2004

this cd includes albert ayler's last recordings before he was found dead in the east river (new york city) in november, 1970.

recorded live in france at the fondation maeght in st. paul de vence (july 25th 1970).

albert ayler: tenor saxophone, soprano, museme, vocal;
steve tintweiss: double bass;
allen blairman: drums;
mary maria: vocal, soprano saxophone.

01 - music is the healing force of the universe (7:47)
02 - birth of mirth (10:38)
03 - masonic inborn (7:18)
04 - oh! love of life (9:31)
05 - island harvest (5:01)
06 - heart love (5:24)
07 - ghosts (10:53)

// taken down on the request of the label //


  1. I wish to express my gratitude for your hornoble works. Thank you very much. However, this file may be broken. I tried to download 5 times. But, track 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 are cannot be extract by CRC error always. Please check it.

  2. Oh, very sorry. Only track 1 cannot extract everytime.

  3. hey, i uploaded another one in the same post, try "take2" :) hope it works ok now

  4. G R E A T!!! I was there , it's good to go back via technology.....thanks...

  5. the live version of Island Harvest it's the phenomenon
    Mary brings a lot to the piece, you can feel the intimate relationship that had both, in the parts where Mary Maria. awesome, thanks
    moore awesome music:

  6. Though we appreciate your enthusiasm in sharing this music, ESP Disk’ request that you remove the link for free download.

    This kind of file sharing in the context of a small label is largely detrimental and will eventually put us out of business.

    Albert Ayler has many current titles in the ESP DISK’ catalog that can be found and purchased legally here: or on Itunes.

    The Ayler family received royalties from the sale of his products from ESP - Disk'